may 10 - july 9, 2001

Opening: saturday may 19, 2001 7.00 pm

Saturday May 19, from 7 pm the Claudio Poleschi Gallery in Lucca will present "That's where you come from shit", David Bade first Italian solo-show. At every exhibition the artist introduces a view of his world, a world conceived by a great energy that - as Gilbert Perlein wrote - describes a reality made of "provocations and cynical humor" and punctual perceptions aware of the echo of a generation made of images generated in a virtual universe. David Bade exhibits his world of great installations made of drawings, sculptures, and paintngs. Bade is extremely critical towards today's society, and he takes a look around to eventually show what a frenetic consumers' culture has rejected . His use of the materials is variegated, he puts together foam polystyrene, clay, incised letters, woods, and founded objects. In Bade's world there are many indications reveals frames from our ordinary life. He offers logic of raw realism where the real reference is still the pictorial element.

The artist made the installation "That's where you come from shit" in Lucca, and will be present at the opening.

Catalogue available

David Bade was born in Curacao in 1970. He lives and works in Amsterdam and Bremen.

Selected solo: "Attitudes 4," Stadsgalerrij Heerlin (2001); "Badezimmer," Central Museum Ulrecht (2001); Fondation Plus Min, Renesse (2001); Brot und Spielerei," Sabine Watchers Gallery, Brussels (2000); "Appelation Controlèe between yours Ears", Musèe d'Art Moderne e d'Art Contemporain, Nice (1999).

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