catalogue text by Santa Nastro

april 3  - june 15  2013

Claudio Poleschi Arte Contemporanea
via Santa Giustina, 21 e Chiesa di San Matteo, Piazza San Matteo 3, Lucca

Opening: saturday april 13,  6.30 pm

 restano pavimenti w

Pavimento I, 2011, cm 100 x 100

Claudio Poleschi Arte Contemporanea is pleased to present the personal exhibition of the artist Giuseppe Restano on Saturday 13th April. Dedicated to the most recent research by the artist, it is symbolically entitled "Pavimenti", and will be held in Via Santa Giustina, n. 21 and in the adjacent church of San Matteo, and will be presented by Santa Nastro.

"There is no trick, no illusion.The title does not lie. It says exactly what the canvas represents; the splendidly luxuriant decoration of the floors traditionally found in the region of Puglia where the artist's home town, Grottaglie, is located.
It is not simply a mnemonic action nor is it merely decorative. It certainly is not a copy of the original. It is a sort of mental approach whereby the artist salvages the idealistic thought behind the Pugliese- style floor and transfers a magnified version of it onto canvas, having carefully filtered it through his artistic handiwork.

The decorative labyrinths that Restano places under the magnifying glass, bringing them to the forefront on the surface of the canvas, tell a long story. Each segment is an image, a house visited, a person encountered, each floral design is a moment in time, either past or present or perhaps even future. Because Restano's work represents a universal dimension of everyday life that every single one of us can relate to." (Santa Nastro)

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