january 31 - march 1, 2004

Opening: saturday january 3, 2004 6.00 pm

Nuevos Ricos is the title of the new project realized by the Mexican artist Carlos Amorales and composer Julian Lede, which will be presented on Saturday, January 31, 2004 at the church of San Matteo, site of the Prometeo cultural association for contemporary art.

The collaboration project of Carlos Amorales, who in recent years has been indicated as one of the most interesting artists from the point of view of linguistic and aesthetic research (his projects have been presented in the most important international exhibitions including the Berlin and Venice Biennales), and Julian Lede, who is one of Mexico's most well known underground rock composers, consists of the creation of a record label (with the same name as the exhibition title) co-produced by the artists and Associazione Prometeo.

For this occasion the aim of this record company is to release five records in a limited edition of one hundred copies destined for the art market as a collector multiples along with four hundred copies that will be distributed in the rock milieu.

The titles included in the records are original creations by MIKI, SECRET, SILVERIO, LASSER MODERNA and THOM REVOLVER, international music acts which embrace a wide range of genres; from New Romantic to Geometric Dance Cumbia songs, from Infrahuman Punk Disco to avant-garde Infernal Music. The record production will be on vinyl!

The packaging is the result of a particular curatorial attention, collecting the five records. For each record cover a painting will be realized that will be an integral part of the project as well.

The whole structure of the event will be therefore consist of an installation hosted at the church of San Matteo, where the public will listen to the music and attend a smashing performance, and of an exhibition of the NUEVOS RICOS paintings in a space near the church.

With this project, which was conceived specifically for this space, NUEVOS RICOS intend to underline and criticize how the market attitude is a genuine expression of contemporary spirituality. Even the antique historical church will be on sale!

Long live the NUEVOS RICOS!


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