april 21 - july 31, 2007

curated by Marco Scotini

Opening: saturday april 21, 2007 6.30 pm

From the beginning, Vittorio Corsini´s work has been concentrated on the theme of living, and on the crisis of the representation of interiors as a domestic world and as an everyday space.

The image of the house, conceived by Corsini either as an object, or an installation, as for site-specific work made for the urban scale, is a constant icon throughout his whole activity.

It is more present though as a mental archetype and as a primary abstract pattern, than as an actual living space.

As is well known, Corsini´s works always displays a condition, which is suspended between the memory of living and living as a possibility nowadays.

With "GOD Save THE PEOPLE", his personal exhibition that will open in Lucca next April, Corsini focuses his artistic research on the model of a privileged and strongly hierarchical living space, on the perfect historical archetype, on the places of worship and community.

If, with the exhibition "Corpo Fragile " (Fragile Body) Corsini has worked on the concept of mental hospitals, showing various works in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, in this upcoming show he will work with the former San Matteo church, which is today one of the Claudio Poleschi gallery's exhibition spaces, focusing on various places of worship that have distinguished a variety of cultures and religious professions that are still in conflict with each other.

In these last years, a series of installations for public institutions in urban spaces, has seen Corsini working in town centers, presenting projects for yards, fountains and gardens, conceived as 'meeting points' and the result of ordinary practices or the inhabitants' old habits.

In relationship to this experience, the project " GOD Save THE PEOPLE " intents to develop even more the spirit and the social dimension of collective rites and of the associative dimension in definition to the space. Nothing is more contradictory than the space preserved by religious sites throughout history: a heavenly place apposed to an earthly one, a sacred place and of community association, but at the same times a place of interdiction and exclusion, etc.

As in other previous works, again for this occasion Corsini will present some plans, reflecting on the origins of buildings, reducing the internal space to a perimeter, on abstract edges, on fragile but tangible borderlines.

In the work entitled "Meno270" (Minus270), 2002, he conceived a project in which the real perimeter of a gallery coincided with an axonometric projection from below brought to ground level, so that the visitors, by entering the room, would have cancelled it with their own feet.

But there are many other projections that open virtual spaces, beginning from real spaces as for example in "La casa sopra" (The house above), 2003 and that relate to each other through the plan.

In " GOD Save THE PEOPLE " a sculpture, that will be installed in the San Matteo apse, is made out of three-dimensional plans, of a catholic church, a Jewish synagogue, a Hindu temple, a Muslim mosque and a Buddhist stupa, put one-over-the-other. It is difficult to distinguish the exact basis of each building and understand which one belongs to the above-mentioned religious belief. It appears as though only that which is defined from above is capable of creating memberships. On the contrary, from the ground floor point of view, religions get mixed up.

But this mental process (presented by the artist on other occasions as a fragile glass body or a weak sign, made out of sawdust) will relate to an intense choral event, and will be presented exclusively on the opening day: more then a hundred people will recite a mantra.

As Corsini himself once told without being ironic, by bumping into a chair inside his studio, he has understood the difference between 'concept' and 'fact', between 'representation' and 'event'.

Marco Scotini


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